Profull Gupta's Original Fine Art

Profull Gupta was born in India. His formal art education was in India and
Canada. He has been an educator and designer for thirty years.

A resident of Huntington Beach, California for thirty plus years, Profull has
exhibited his paintings at Huntington Beach Art Center and Courbet Art
Circle in Santa Ana.  He has hosted solo exhibitions at  the Huntington
Beach Art League and Stone River Art Gallery in Fountain Valley ,
Several of Profull's work  have sold at numerous shows in residential
settings .

Profull paints in Watercolor, Oil and Pastel. There are no limits to the
subject matter Profull chooses: Plein Air ( on location ), Figurative and
Portrait paintings in pastels and oil, including historical and world events
that inspire him to express himself.

Profull believes that everyone should be able to own original art work that
they enjoy and that adds to their life.  Art expands your mind and is food
for your spirit.
From the Artist
I have been painting and drawing since the age of five and have not stopped.
Art has defined my life.  I paint nature on location in watercolor, which is emotional and inspiring.  
Colors and shapes and moods in landscapes intrigue me.

When handling pastel and oil, I try to go beyond the emotion and use various methods of paint
application.   Some are free brush strokes, some detailed, sharp forms.  Using the pallet knife to paint
creates vibrant colors and texture that excites my critics.

Art may be in the eye of the beholder; however, I feel that the artist must transcend from being purely
technical to being an "artist".  Essentially my style is impressionistic and representational.   I have never
stopped learning and experimenting in various medium.
Art Exhibitions
Huntington Beach Art League shown at Huntington Beach Public Library:
December 2007 - January 2008
March  - April 2009
July - September 2009

Courbet Art Circle at Santa Ana Artist Village:
January - February 2008
March - April 2009

Huntington Beach City Hall:
August - September 2009

Michael Cummings Studio at Costa Mesa Artist Village:
August 2009

2010 through 2015:
Huntington Beach City Hall
Studio 234, Long Beach
Catalyst Studios, Westminster
Huntington Beach Allied Art
has given me the opportunity to study the architecture, foliage and places of historical importance.  This has enriched me not only as an
artist but also as a human being.  

As you go thorough my work here, I hope you enjoy it.  Thank you for visiting my web site and come back often to see my new work.

I have added a section that showcases unframed work that is very affordable so everyone can own original artwork that no one else has.  
Click on the link below "Under $100" to see this work.