Plein Aire
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Point Ferman Lighthouse
CA  H12 x W18  $200
Yellow Roses
H13 x W19  $200 -SOLD-
HB Wetlands East
H13 x W20  $150
Flower after the Rain
H22 x W29 $300 F
Peach Blossoms
H15 x W22  $200  F
Capistrano Mission
H16 x W20  $150
Watercolor on Canvas
Capistrano Mission Exterior
H15 x W20  $150 -SOLD-
Lake Arrowhead
H19 x W23  $300
Lake Cachuma
H11 x W15  $200
Newport Back Bay I
H10 x W13  $100
Huntington Beach  CA
Central Park
H15 x W22  $200
Clear Lake CA
H11 x W15  $200
Colorado Backwoods
H29 x W21   $450
LBSU Japanese Garden
H11 x W16  $150-SOLD-
H9 x W12  $150
Malaga Spain
H9 x W12  $150
Spirit of Zion UT
H14 x W20 $200
San Diego Coffee Shop
H9 x W12    $150
Cactus Flower
H19 x W18  $200 F
Wetlands Huntington Beach CA
H16 x W24  $300
Zion National Park
H13 x W19  $150
Balmoral Mill NB Canada
H15 x W20  $120 F
Newport Back Bay II
H10 x W13  $100
Glenwood Springs CO
H15 x W19  $200-SOLD-