The Buddha
H23 x W19   $340
Knowledge from Outer Space
H19 x W29  $250 F
Mixed Media
Wild Horse II
H15 x W19  $300
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H15 x W19  $275
Village Russia
H16 x W200  $200
Wetlands Huntington Beach CA
H16 x W24  $300
Looking at Earth
H21 x W30  $250 F
Wild Horse  
H17 x W23  $200
Beach Bums
H17 x W28  $200 F
Fall in Gravenhurst
H11 x W17  $150
Looking at Mars
H21 x W31  $400 F
Planets in Collision
H22 x W35  $300
H19 x W25  $250 F
Cactus Flower
H19 x W18  $200 F
H20 x W12  $100
H20 x W14  $150